Benefits of Using Retrofoam to Insulate Your Walls

Here is what our clients report on a routine basis:

  1. Every room of the home feels like the same temperature
  2. The heat pump did not kick on and off near as much
  3. The home is much more quiet from outside noise
  4. The crew members were very courteous and professional
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retrofoam insulation benefits

Along with these common post job testimonials from previous clients, here are a few solid reasons why home owners might see value in improving their insulation of their East TN home:

  • RetroFoam seals your home to reduce air movement through the wall cavity
  • Energy savings up to 50% on your cooling and heating bills
  • Cut down airborne noise through walls by up to 80% or by 40 to 50 decibels.
  • Air borne pollen and allergens are kept from getting into your walls.
  • RetroFoam in the walls helps keep varmints and insects out of the walls
  • Mold or mildew do not grow on RetroFoam
  • RetroFoam has been proven not to breakdown over time. Our field test show less than 2% shrinkage
  • RetroFoam maintains its R value unlike other fiberglass or wool insulation which can become less effective over time.
  • Last but certainly not least… RetroFoam on average can pay for itself in a few years by less wear and tear on your heating and cooling units and with lower utility bills.

We take good care of your home during the installation process and we treat each home as if it were our own. RetroFoam can add great value to your home from now on.

To find out more about how our locally owned RetroFoam Team can reach out to help you, simply give us a call at 865-804-1559 to schedule your no hassle, no obligation free estimate. Better yet, to save an additional amount, fill out our Free Quote Form on our web site and we will come to see you soon!

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