Spray foam insulation has taken the DIY home improvement world by storm! Whether you are watching a home improvement show on HGTV network or scrolling through an abundance of DIY Home Repair Pins on Pinterest, you are likely to see spray foam insulation on your screen at some point.

While spray foam insulation is a fantastic option for new construction, it’s not necessarily ideal for existing homes. In order to install spray foam insulation in finished walls it requires tearing down your drywall, spraying the foam, then re-drywall and paint–resulting in a lengthy process that is quite expensive.

RetroFoam of East Tennessee can make that hassle disappear! Our RetroFoam is injected from the exterior wall, making installation stress-free! The benefits of RetroFoam are invaluable, including cost efficiency, lowering utility bills, and a quick and easy installation process.


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According to the Department of Energy, the average American spends $2,000 annually for their energy bill. Their studies have shown that a potential $200-$400 of that average could be going to waste due to drafts or air leaks!

Our team at RetroFoam of East Tennessee has the answer to STOP the energy loss through your walls. RetroFoam prevents air infiltration by sealing all wall cracks and crevices where air may enter or escape your home. With energy costs expected to increase, RetroFoam will quickly pay for itself by reducing your utility bills up to 50%.  


We can insulate most existing homes since RetroFoam is typically installed from the exterior. Depending on the type of siding on your home the process may vary slightly. Generally, a small section of your siding is removed and a hole is drilled in each stud cavity. Then, RetroFoam is injected into each cavity and our install team plugs each of the holes. Finally, after cleanup is completed your siding is put back on. Most installation processes can be completed in one day and the benefits are INSTANT!  

This quick installation process eliminates the need for construction, wall tear down, or movement of furniture; making this process hassle free for you and your family.

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While an exact cost of the installation of RetroFoam cannot be provided due to varying factors, we can illustrate ways in which RetroFoam is a cost efficient choice.  RetroFoam can potentially pay for itself by saving you money on your energy bills. RetroFoam of East Tennessee can help lower your energy costs by up to 50% with its excellent sealing qualities. Unlike spray foam insulation, it’s not necessary to tear out walls or remove old insulation, resulting in a significant cost drop and making RetroFoam the most cost-efficient choice for insulation. RetroFoam insulation is the home improvement that PAYS YOU back!

If you are ready to start experiencing the benefits of RetroFoam insulation then request a FREE estimate on our website or call us today at (865) 804-1559!