RetroFoam is a white non-expanding injection pressurized foam predominantly used in walls and sometime garage ceilings and slope ceilings.

RetroFoam is a new-generation tri-polymer mix of {resin powder+120 degree hot water + foaming agent/water mix +air} freshly mixed on site or the morning of install to create a soft malleable white foam that we inject like shaving cream into a wall cavity. It blends two large tanks of chemicals with air pressure to blow the bubbles. RetroFoam is non-expanding, non-flammable, pest resistant injected foam. RetroFoam has zero off gassing or odor. RetroFoam replaces the air space of your wall cavity and fills the cracks and crevices in your walls to save you money and gain you quiet comfort.

RetroFoam fills the nooks and crannies of wall cavities with a R16 to R18 value depending on stud depth. We carefully remove exterior siding or drill small holes in sheetrock or mortar joints and pump RetroFoam it into your wall until we believe it is full. It works just as well with existing insulated walls. RetroFoam keeps all the rooms the same temperature and makes a home quiet. It’s also nice to know the heat pump or HVAC system will run less often as RetroFoam keeps the air temperature closer to your thermostat setting year round. Without air flowing through your walls, your system does not have to work as hard.

We install RetroFoam in almost every imaginable existing wall structure, usually from the exterior and sometimes from the interior and sometimes both. We can show you pictures of jobs performed.