You should know that when you work with RetroFoam of East Tennessee, you’re dealing with local people. We are locally owned and operated by G.E.S. Custom Remodel LLC. We are not an internet-based company without a solid Knoxville business presence. We invite you to visit our facility when you are in the area.

Our process is simple – start by request a free insulation estimate by filling out a contact form on our website, at a home show, or by simply calling our office. Once you do, our friendly Office Manager, Roy, will set up your initial file with a summary of your information. Your information remains private within our system. Roy can also become your concierge that monitors your project throughout.  He can walk alongside of you throughout your home insulation journey, helping you get answers to any questions you may have and making sure you have everything you need along the way. Roy will also email or mail you an Introduction Letter complete with References by install method. Please feel free to contact any of these previous clients.

Scheduling the Estimate

To set up your home evaluation, one of our estimators will call you to gather additional basic information specific to your home or building. We like to qualify your needs before we just run out to see you. We strive to consider the whole-house envelope. We normally like to access your attic and basement/crawl space, as well. You may only desire wall insulation, which is fine. We can help in other areas as well. We normally ask who your local utility provider is, since TVA’s eScore program recognizes GES Custom Remodel as an approved Quality Contractor. TVA may offer various rebates for qualifying home improvements. When you visit this website, you will be looking for the name of G.E.S. Custom Remodel LLC, as they only recognize licensed general contractors.

After we have spoken with you on the phone and determined the best time to schedule our free on-site review of your home’s current insulation needs, our Estimator can typically schedule your visit in the next few days. The appointment should last between one and two hours depending on your interest level. Our installations are scheduled out weeks in advance, If you wish to take advantage of a random date, then ask about our discount for this.


Our Estimator will arrive at your home in the scheduled timeframe.  We may call you the day before to confirm. He will make best effort to measure and visually inspect your entire home to see areas of potential air leakage. He will listen to your needs, and make notes of specific requirements and provide you additional literature as you inquire. He will at some point begin to walk around your home or building and create a sketch with accurate measurements.

After you and our Estimator sit back down, he will then give you a written quote and answer any questions you may have. The quote may include various discounts and available rebates. Ask anything you wish as we want to be very clear on our proposal details. He will ask when might be a good time to perform the install. He can walk you through a basic installation method specific to your home’s building structure.

Once we have addressed your concerns properly, our Estimator will ask how you wish to proceed. If you decide to move forward with RetroFoam and schedule your install, we will ask for a nominal deposit of $300.00 to get you on our schedule. You will be asked sign the contract, pay your deposit, decide on any financing, and schedule your install date. We typically can install your project within two to four weeks from the day you sign our proposal depending on payment method.

We appreciate your business! Before our Estimator exits, the last thing we always ask when someone hires RetroFoam…..is why us? You could invite any number of other insulation companies to provide your insulation improvements. We sincerely want to know why you chose us.


On the morning of your install, our Crew Leader Martin will call you as he is leaving our office. We will have already pre-mixed your RetroFoam that morning tailored to the quantity we expect your home will require. Upon arrival, our professional installation crew will begin to set up our equipment and floor or ground protection as need. Martin will ask you to quickly walk around the property and explain our procedures and again address any specific questions you may have. This is a good time to mention any critical spots, remove your wall hangings, identify any recessed in wall book shelves or tile fixtures that could be damaged during the installation.

Depending on your job size, it may be necessary to return a second day or more. Each job is unique and we are methodical with our installation approach. Our first goal is to protect your homes visual and structural integrity. Our second goal is to provide a worry free and professional installation, even it takes some extra time.

Each day we are present we will leave the home or property very clean. There may remain minimal traces of foam deposits on the ground. If your install is from the interior, we will attempt to leave no foam behind.

Once Martin is complete, he will ask you to do another quick walk around to verify we did what we said we would do. He ask you for our final balance due and mark your Proposal Paid in Full. We often ask if we can place a yard sign at your location for 30 days. This can help you earn additional rebates if you so desire.

Keep in mind we are always available after the sale. Your RetroFoam product Guarantee from PolyMaster Inc and our Installation Limited Expressed Warranty are both transferable to the next owner. Our relationship does not end here. Once your payment in full is given to Roy at our office, he will mail you the Guarantee, Limited Expressed 3Install Warranty, Certificate of Completion and an easy to follow online Review form. We hope all our prospects can learn about our professional level of service. Should you need assistance with the reviews, just call Roy and he can walk you through the process.